Tuesday, May 28, 2024

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Kai Cenat Responds To Ye Calling Him An ‘Industry Plant’

Within Ye’s interview on Justin La Boy’s platform The Download, he spoke of his feud with popular streamer, Kai Cenat and where he called him an “industry plant.”

“Of course he is. That exact genre is the most industry plant,” Ye said to La Boy. “It’s about influencer mind control.”

The feud started when Ye sent Kai a Yeezy package of the new rollout and upon trying it on stream, Kai just noted of the pants being too big as he needed and requested a extra small or small and received extra large. Catching wind of the comments Ye made, Kai responded back via stream where he said:

“Ye. I have been doing this sh*t since 2018. All because–” he began. “F–k that! The pants ain’t fit! Why is he arguing? Just send me some new pants bro! All of this because the pants ain’t fit?” He questioned. Kai ultimately just wanted pants that would fit, as he demonstrated that the size he received was too big on fellow streamer, Fanum.

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