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Jeezy Denies Abuse Allegations From Jeannie Mai

In a recent development in the divorce between Jeezy and Jeannie Mai, Mai has just accused Jeezy of domestic abuse within their marriage along with child neglect, to which he has quickly dispelled.

In a new court filing obtained by PEOPLE,¬†Mai spoke of several alleged domestic incidents and claims Jeezy has “explosive outbursts, excessive drinking and domestic violence.” Taking to social media, he released a statement regarding the situation, saying:

“The allegations are not only false, but also deeply disturbing, especially coming from someone I loved. This malicious attempt to tarnish my character and disrupt my family is ridiculous. It’s disheartening to witness the manipulation and deceit at play and at this time my main concern is being an active father to our daughter as I continue to fight for court mandated joint custody. Rest assured, the truth will prevail through the proper legal channels.”

Outside of the claims, Jeezy is seeking joint physical and legal custody of their daughter Monaco.

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