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Reggie Bush’s Heisman Trophy Returned After 14 Years

Reggie Bush’s Heisman trophy is once again his to own and keep after The Heisman Trust has reinstated his trophy that he earned in 2005. His trophy was forfeited after a NCAA investigation had been done to which they found that Bush and family received gifts and benefits during his stint playing for USC Trojans in 2010.

Just last year, Bush filed for defamation lawsuit against 2021 claims of him being part of “pay-for-play arrangements”, which he denied. Just recently, rules has changed within the sports world as it has allowed for players to receive “student athlete compensation” as it is now an “accepted practice and appears here to stay.”

Speaking on his reinstatement, Bush says:

“I am grateful to once again be recognized as the recipient of the Heisman Trophy. This reinstatement is not only a personal victory but also a validation of the tireless efforts of my supporters and advocates who have stood by me throughout this arduous journey.”

Posting of his Heisman Trophy on Instagram, he wrote: “No one can take from you what God has for you.”

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