Van Jones Apologizes To Jewish Community In Behalf of Kanye

Van Jones is speaking up in Kanye’s behalf to the Jewish community for his latest comments that give regard to Hitler and has apologized for him. He says that “silence is over” in regards to the Black community allowing Kanye’s words to pass without shutting him down.

“We feel awful as long as we’re turning against each other. We feel awful. But when we come together, we’re awesome. And we’re going to be awesome together.” he said in the speech.

He continues, “The reason this country is a democracy at all is because Black and Jewish people have loved each other, and helped each other, and supported each other, and stood up for each other.”

This all comes after Kanye has spoken on Hitler in a different view point that seemingly praised him, that in turn, hurt the Jewish community further.

Kanye Tells Kim Kardashian To Marry Tom Brady

In latest news between Kanye and Kim Kardashian, Kanye has appeared on Alex Jones’ segment InfoWars where he has spoken about his presidential run, Hitler, and his divorce from Kim Kardashian.

Within the interview, he tells Kim Kardashian to “come home to Christ” while suggesting that Disney and Hulu doesn’t have her best interest.

“Hulu does not love you, Kim. Disney does not love you, Kim. Come home, Kim. Come home to Christ. Go to God. Go to Jesus.” he said.

He continued, “Or, marry somebody great. Go marry Tom Brady, whatever you want to do but get married and use your platform as an influence to keep families together. Don’t let the devil use you.”

This comes after their divorce had been finalized last week where it was settled that he will have to cough pay $200K monthly for child support along with gaining equal access of their children.

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Divorce Finalized & Settlement Reached

Kim and Kanye are officially done with their divorce settlement and all affairs are all in order. According to documents obtained by TMZ, the former couple reached a settlement where they will have joint custody and “equal access” to their four children together.

Kanye is also to pay $200,000 monthly in child support and take care of 50 percent of his children’s educational expenses and 50 percent of their security expenses. He has also given up his $4.5 million home that sat across the street from Kim’s home but has kept his $60 million Malibu beach home along with his Chicago, Calabasas, and Wyoming properties.

Kim and Kanye had been gotten together in 2011 after Kim Kardashian’s divorce from Kris Humphries and had later gotten married in 2014. Kim eventually filed for divorce in February 2021.

Julia Fox Shares That She Had Only Dated Kanye To Keep Him Distracted From Ex-Wife Kim Kardashian

Model Julia Fox is gearing up to release a book regarding her life and as of lately, she has shared her reasoning behind dating Kanye West. Replying back to a social media user on TikTok, she explained that she dated the mogul to be a distraction.

“Okay, since—I was just going to write about it in my book and then have y’all buy it, but I’ll just tell you guys for free. First of all, the man was being normal around me and not only that but the Kardashians—when I had a fashion line 10 years ago they actually bought our clothes and sold them in their stores—so I’ve always had a love for Kim especially and even Kourtney especially and like all of them pretty much. But, no, like the big three: Khloé, Kim, Kourtney. Those are my girls. Anyway, so by the time me and him got together, it was like, he hadn’t been doing anything, you know, like out there yet. He, the only thing he had done was change the name in the song and said like, “Come back to me, Kimberly.” That was like really the only thing when we met.”

She then explains how things began between them and how she at first ignored him.

“But I remember just being like, ugh, he was texting me, I wasn’t really answering. I was like I don’t really want to talk [to] this celebrity again. You know what I mean? Nothing ever comes of it. They’re kind of boring. They’re not what you think they’re going to be like. But he kept going and going and he was like, ‘you have bad text etiquette,’ and I was like, ‘oh my god, Kanye’s yelling at me. What do I do?’ But then I had this thought: I was like, ‘oh my god, maybe I can get him off of Kim’s case. Maybe I can distract him, just get him to like me and I knew if anyone can do it, it’s me.’ Because when I set my mind to something, I do it.’ “

In depth, she spoke of what took place in their relationship in the month span that it lasted and what began as the downfall.

“And I will say that that month that we spent together, he wasn’t on Twitter, first of all. He wasn’t on any form of social media. He didn’t even talk about his relationship. We only really talked about clothes and weird ideas and plans for the future and our hopes and dreams for childhood and education. And it was really beautiful, guys. The moment he started tweeting, I was out. And that’s the thing, it’s like, the media reported on our relationship ending a week after it happened or something. So during that week, I think you guys thought that we were together, but we weren’t. I’d already been like, ‘Dude, I’m not going to stick around for this shit.’ And also, I realized pretty quickly that he wasn’t gonna take my help. I was like, ‘I want to help him. I want to help him.’”

She also went on to say that she was the one who pulled the plug on their relationship. “the moment he started tweeting, I wanted to help him. I sounded almost as dumb as you guys, saying that I should’ve done something to stop him from saying—like, what? But anyway, I was delusional.”

Ye and Julia Fox had dated in the month of January of this year up until February.

Kanye West Failed To Cooperate For Next Step In Divorce

It looks like Kanye has skipped out on an important step in regards to his divorce with Kim Kardashian. The mogul was set to sit in a deposition on November 16th but never appeared.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, there will be a new date for the deposition that will take place on November 29. This new date will act as a last chance for Kanye to sort his affairs before the case coming to trial on December 14.

As of now, the issue still remains of custody of the children and division of assets.

Kanye West Announces Presidential Run For 2024

Kanye West, now known as Ye has announced his run for presidency for the upcoming 2024 election. This wouldn’t be a first for the mogul as he has ran a campaign back in 2020.

The news was confirmed on Twitter with a video circulating around of him speaking on his upcoming campaign. When asked if he was running, he answered:

“Yes. It’s simple ’cause ain’t nobody can tell me, you know, ‘You should say this, you shouldn’t say that,’ you know? It’s just we’re moving towards the future.”

As for now, there are no more details regarding his run for presidency, but we can imagine that he will soon be speaking to the public.

Adidas To Continue Paying Kanye Despite Renaming

Adidas will still have to make a pay out to mogul Kanye West after cutting ties with him last month. The company plans to sell the same Yeezy designs but will have to continue to pay Kanye for his designs, at least that was what was written on Ye’s end, but the company found a loop hole.

The clause in the contract says that he will receive a smaller payout if the shoes are sold without his branding. Prior the company mentioned that he would no receive any further payment, but has since changed their decision.

Ye may have to fight his battle in court if he wishes to receive more than what may or may not be paid.

Adidas To Continue Selling Yeezys Under New Name

It looks like the company has decided to continue the sell of Yeezys that was brought on by mogul, Kanye West, now known as Ye. The company higher ups had announced the news Wednesday where they plan to pick up on the production for the new shoes in early 2023.

They have also made it known that they remain as the sole owner of the designs and even noted that they expect to take a loss of somewhere upwards to $247 million. As for the current Yeezys the company still plans to continue selling them on the market even after cutting ties with West.

Kanye and Adidas began a partnership in 2014 until it ultimately ended this year.

Drake Calls Out Megan The Stallion, Alexis Ohanian, Kanye & More On ‘Her Loss’

Drake has shocked the world with the release of his and 21 Savage’s Her Loss as he had not came to play. The singer/rapper took the time to call out some of his fellow musicians and old flames and made them the target in a few songs.

In particular, Drake has called out Kanye West and Megan The Stallion on the track titled “Circo Loco” that features a sample from the French duo, Daft Punk. He immediately goes in on the first verse where he doesn’t quite say her name but the punchline is centered around her where he says a joke about the Tory Lanez & Megan The Stallion situation:

“This b—- lie ’bout gettin’ shots, but she still a stallion / She don’t even get the joke, but she still smilin'” he rapped, which immediately garnered a response from Megan herself.

With him taking his aim towards Ye, he raps the lyrics :

“Linking with the opps, b—-, I did that s— for J Prince / B—-, I did it for the mob ties” which he blatantly says in regards to him and Ye ending their feud in December 2021 after they came together for Ye’s Free Larry Hoover Concert.

Kanye has been aware of the lyrics and wrote a very surprise calm and meek reponse.

“Enough already [.] I done gave this man his flowers multiple times [.] Let’s really see who are real ops are in this music game [.] Imagine all the rappers on the same side and everyone cleaning up each others contracts [.] It’s kingdom time [.] Love Drake #lovespeech” he wrote.

Now in his song entitled “Middle of the Ocean,” is where he directly takes a shot at his ex-beau Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian where he raps the bar “Sidebar, Serena, your husband a groupie / He claim we don’t got a problem but / No, boo, it is, like you comin’ for sushi / We might pop up on ’em at will like Suzuki”

Ohanian took the time to share why he hasn’t done anything regarding “media profiles” and the reasoning as he states to focus on being a husband and father, and he also made sure to respond back to Drake saying:

And got the support from Williams.

Ice Spice seems to be the last target as many including Ice, had suspected that he may have been alluding to her in “BackOutsideBoyz” where he said:

“She a ten tryna rap, it’s good on mute, yeah”

Ice Spice took to twitter to address the lyrics where she said:

The random beef may explain why Drake had unfollowed her last month and why the OVO deal never went through between the two. The last person that Drake targeted was rapper DRAM as he called him out on “BackOutsideBoyz” as well and said:

“Tried to bring the drama to me, he ain’t know how we cha-cha slide,” Drake rapped. This comes when DRAM accused Drake of copying his single “Cha Cha.”

DRAM has responded where he said : “Somebody tell Drake to shut the f— up about that s—, man. F—ing five years ago, this n—- never even touched me, n—- I pressed his a–! His f—ing bodyguards, goddamn—I ain’t gonna hold you, his bodyguards went to town on the kid. But his bodyguards did, not his b—- a–! He ain’t touch me, he’s a b—-. You know that.”

He continued, “When I see him, I see him. What’s good with the one on one though? What’s up, my n—-? But you don’t wanna do that. You wanna have your guards. That’s cool, though. He ain’t touch me, though. And that s— from five years ago! Come on, n—-. … Why don’t you bring up how you got smacked by Diddy or some s—?”

Shaq Responds Back To Kanye Dropping His Name In Latest Message

Shaq has came to social media to respond back to Ye’s tweet where he has name-dropped Shaq in regards to doing business with Jamie Salter.

After catching wind for the tweets, Shaq took to twitter and gave him some words, even quoting one of Ye’s infamous lines.

“Believe me you don’t know me like that. Worry about your business, and to quote the once great Kanye west “ I got more money than you, so why would i listen to you” take my advice get your family business in order. Have a great day brother.” he wrote.

Ye has not responded to Shaq as of now.