Friday, June 21, 2024

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Beyoncé Takes Home iHeartRadio Innovator Award

Congratulations to Beyoncé as she has received the Innovator Award during this year’s iHeartRadio Awards. She received the award from singer Stevie Wonder that noted that she is a “a true visionary” and expressed gratitude of her “motivating the world to become a better place.”

Wearing an all black cowboy attire, she took the stage where she thanked Stevie Wonder and began her speech where she said:

“Tonight you called me an innovator, and for that I’m very grateful,” she said. “Innovation starts with a dream. But then you have to execute that dream, and that road can be very bumpy. Being an innovator is seeing what everyone believes is impossible. Being an innovator often means being criticized, which often will test your mental strength.”

She continued “My hope is that we’re more open to the joy and liberation that comes from enjoying art, with no preconceived notions,” she said.

Her latest album, Cowboy Carter released last Friday, March 29th where it earned her her first number one on the country music charts on Billboard and also making her the first black woman to receive a number one for the same charts in that category.

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