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Travis Scott Requests For Himself To Be Dismissed From Astroworld Lawsuits

In the recent update for the Astroworld lawsuits, rapper Travis Scott is seeking to be dismissed from the lawsuits. According to legal documents, the lawsuit over financial loss incurred at the concert has been dismissed without prejudice. A representative of Ceremony of Roses has filed for dismissal of the lawsuits due to incurring a tremendous financial loss due to the festival.

In a new filing from Scott’s attorneys, they have stated that he shouldn’t be liable for the wrongful deaths that happened during the festival. They also state that he was not responsible for the concertgoers safety.

“Like any other adrenaline-inducing diversion, music festivals must balance exhilaration with safety and security—but that balance is not the job of performing artists, even those involved in promoting and marketing performances, which only makes sense: Performing artists, even those who engage in certain promotional activities, have no inherent expertise or specialized knowledge in concert safety measures, venue security protocols, or site-design,” Daniel Petrocelli wrote.

He further states, “When, during festival planning, concerns arose about the risk of a stampede occurring in the festival site, the Scott defendants supported festival organizers’ efforts to eliminate that risk by agreeing to remove certain rides and other attractions at the site. Then, when the Scott defendants were told to end the show after Mr. Scott’s guest performer finished performing, they did just that—ending the show as directed.”

He also added that Scott “acted diligently to protect against every reasonably apprehensible danger.”

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