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Wendy Williams Addresses Dementia Diagnosis & Support

After news has gotten out regarding TV Host Wendy Williams’ latest diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia and primary progressive aphasia, she has released a statement regarding the matter at hand. In the statement released through PEOPLE, Williams said:

“I want to say I have immense gratitude for the love and kind words I have received after sharing my diagnosis of Aphasia and Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD). Let me say, wow!¬†Your response has been overwhelming. The messages shared with me have touched me, reminding me of the power of unity and the need for compassion,” Williams said.

The statement continued, “I hope that others with FTD may benefit from my story. I want to also thank the Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration for their kind words of support and their extraordinary efforts to raise awareness of FTD. I continue to need personal space and peace to thrive.¬†Please just know that your positivity and encouragement are deeply appreciated.”

According to her care, Williams had been diagnosed since last year. Today, the Where Is Wendy Williams documentary has been released centered around her life on Lifetime Network.

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