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Shannon Sharpe & Mike Epps Put Drama Aside Ahead of All-Star Weekend

It looks like things between Shannon Sharpe and Mike Epps have sizzled down as the two have publicly voiced how the two will talk “man to man” instead of coming to blows like they originally threatened each other.

The original beef stemmed from Mike Epps making comments about Sharpe as he insinuated that Sharpe was gay and made fun of his appearence.

“That n—a Shannon Sharpe called me trying to do an interview, I said ‘no Madea, I ain’t doing no interview with you’ so you can sit across from me and look at my balls. The n—a s–t is called Shay Shay the n—a is telling you. Put a wig on that motherf—er and tell me if that ain’t motherf—ing Madea sister,” Epps fired.

Sharpe caught wind of his words where he said:

“I don’t care about all that other stuff. You can say I’m gay … I don’t care about that. ‘Cause I won’t chase a lie. But I won’t let you lie on my name. Say my name again, and I’m gonna release the DM. Because you’re lying. You said I reached out to you to come on Club Shay Shay, and you’re a mofo lie. Now when I see you, I’m gon’ see if you’re about that. I’m gon’ see if you want to say what you been saying, trying to get some jokes because you got mad because Katt Williams did what he did.” 

Epps also took to Instagram where he also sent out threats of his own, but now has since been deleted.

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All-Star weekend will be taking place February 16th through February 18th.

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