Sunday, April 14, 2024

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Druski Releases ‘Standin On Bihness’ Video

Entertainer Druski has just dropped the video to his song, “Standin On Bihness” and the video features Snoop Dogg as the two navigate through comedic style and hectic style. The video shows Druski dressed in matching attire with Snoop as they parade around the label office, a basketball court and what appears to be a parking structure.

The song derives from what appeared to be a fake feud between Druski, Drake and Birdman when Druski posted a skit in 2023 of him comparing the similarities of his song “Standin on Bihness” to Drake’s single from For All The Dogs “Daylight” where Drake raps the lyrics “I’m standin’ on business”. This led to Birdman getting involved and him exchanging a few words on Instagram along with him pulling up on Druski.

Check out the “Standin On Bihness” video below:

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