The Game Shares Why He Really Called Out Eminem On ‘The Black Slim Shady’

In an interview on the Rap Radar podcast, The Game has finally addressed his diss track aimed at Eminem entitled “The Black Slim Shady.” He states his main reasoning for the diss was due to the fact he wanted to come for Eminem because no one really does it.

“Just because nobody really does, number one. Number two, I pissed off a lot of people with that song, you know Em got a lot of stans. But as far as it being personal, it’s not personal.”

He shares the first time he heard Eminem’s “My Name Is.” record and how he was impacted by it.

 “I remember the first time that ‘My Name Is’ came out. I was, like, whoa-ed by it. I felt the same feeling when I heard that, that I felt when I heard ‘Juicy’ from B.I.G. the first time. … I always f—ed with Em,” he said recalling those moments.

During the interview, he also details the beef between him and 50 Cent where he says that Dre chose a side and went with 50 Cent, specifically regarding the Super Bowl Halftime Show, and how it led to him choosing to mess with Dr. Dre by means of him taking shots at Eminem.

 “I think me and 50’s fallout made him choose a side and he wasn’t doing the s— that I did. He was like, ‘I’m going with 50. F— you n—-s.’ but I just felt like I had some emotions, a little bit, about Super Bowl s— and all of that. And that’s Dre’s boy, and Dre don’t rap. So it’s like, if I wanna have a conversation with Dre or I’m mad at Dre, let me poke shots at Eminem. And 50 can’t out-rap me, he’s doing his TV thing and more power to him, the shows are great. But as far as rap s—, I got that locked, so the only person I could rap with, or try to poke the bear and see if he really want to go there, is Em.”

The Game & 50 Cent Take Shots At Each Other On Instagram

In the never ending story between the two rappers The Game and 50 Cent, the beef has once again ignited as the two have exchanged words on Instagram, This all began when 50 Cent posted that he had took home several wins at this year’s Creative Arts Emmys.

50 Cent had been a part of the Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lamar, He had taken home three awards for the categories of Outstanding Variety Special (Live), Outstanding Music Direction, and Outstanding Production Design For A Variety.

“I just won my Emmy award 👏👏👏 for the super bowl half time show. LOL,” he wrote

He also posted and deleted a picture of Game that captioned the photo saying “No caption needed.”

 Game clapped back when he uploaded an old pic of 50 and said, “No caption needed… #SpicyA–N—-“.

50 Cent saw the diss and went for The Game’s album sales. “oh no, i’m sorry you don’t get one [trophy emoji]. Then the first week 18k, if you need someone to talk to i’m here for you. LOL.”

All have since deleted the posts and have not said anything towards each other as of now.

The Game Shares How Lil Baby, Lil Durk & YoungBoy Are The “Jay Z, Nas, & Tupac” Of This Generation

The Game has sat down to do a recent interview with Montreality where he discusses the nature of the music industry today and what young listeners look up to as of now. He expresses how the impact Tupac had on him could be the same for some of the younger crowd in regards to YoungBoy.

“NBA YoungBoy will be Tupac of this generation. Sometimes when you see an 18-year-old say, ‘NBA YoungBoy is better than Tupac,’ it’s not because he actually is or Tupac is better than NBA YoungBoy. It’s just the Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron thing, it’s just different eras of greatness. You should just appreciate them now, because an 18-year-old cannot appreciate or relate to Tupac because they weren’t even alive.”

Game also mentions how with the fact of Tupac being gone for nearly 26 years, someone who wasn’t born around that era, people shouldn’t expect YB to be able to make music near close to the “California Love” rapper.

“An 18-year-old kid wasn’t even born for another six years after he died. So why would you expect him to relate to Tupac over NBA YoungBoy? Somebody who is just a few years older than him who he listens to every day who’s probably living the same type of lifestyle that he’s living.”

In regards to speaking about Lil Durk and Lil Baby he mentions them in regards to the shift in the music industry.

“I enjoy Future and Young Thug because they would be the Jay-Z and sort of the Nas of that generation of music from the ATL. But then I love Lil Baby and Lil Durk because they would be the Jay-Z and Nas of this generation,” Says Game.

Many had expressed their disagreement with his statement, which may have came from a place of confusion, but in a post in The Shade Room, he responds to the criticism where he says:

“Ya’ll be so angry at someone else’s opinion lol….. you gone be aite.”

The Game Responds To Claims Of Him Paying For Features

The Game has responded to news and headlines that spoke on him being unable to keep certain features on his latest album, Drillmatic: Heart vs Mind specifically Never Broke Again YoungBoy’s verse.

The Game’s manager Wack 100 also put fire behind the headlines in a Clubhouse session when he said that The Game’s feature from YoungBoy, entitled “O.P.P.” was removed from: the album because YB’s fee possibly could have have made the album go over budget.

“Sometimes when it comes down to a situation, that I had to make an executive decision about. And in YoungBoy’s defense, YoungBoy charge n—-as $300,000 a verse. That’s what he–that’s what it is. I can’t front, he gave us a hell of a deal.”

“But that situation would have cut into marketing overall. So, I had to make an executive decision whether I wanted to pay the tab he sent me, which was a respectable great tab. It was love. I can’t front. But, that tab would have cut into that, that and that.”

Clearing the air, The Game hopped on Instagram and posted a comment on a XXL post laughing about it and reminding others of his track record.

“I ain’t never paid for a verse in my life n——. 200k for a 16 🤣🤣 never & a day blood !!!” Game says commenting on the XXL’s Instagram post.

Drillmatic: Heart vs Mind is available everywhere to stream.

The Game Snaps at Eminem in 10-Minute Diss Song ’The Black Slim Shady’

The Game has just recently released his latest album entitled Drillmatic: Heart vs Mind did not hesitate to give it his all. Within w album, he included the song ”The Black Slim Shady” where he is obviously taking a hit at Eminem.

The song serves as a 10 minute diss to Eminem as he shreds Eminem to pieces and expresses deeply of how he’s a greater rapper.

So ficky-ficky Slim Shady, please, stand up/ Shoot the fade with me, I’d love to put these hands up/ I could .40 Glock you, unarmed/ Drop the world on your head with one arm,” Game viciously rapped, taking aim at Em’s spot on the GOAT list.

“Dear Slim, Hailie’s with me and she’s unharmed for now (Dad, I’m really scared)/ These are the deepest secrets, I keep and I be on defense … You are not, top five, in mine, B.I.G or Pac eyes/ No André, no Nas, stop tellin’ white lies/ Sniff a white line, this the right time.”

he rapped going as far as to mention the Michigan native’s daughter, Halie. As of now, Eminem has yet to respond to Game’ taunts, but we feel it could be coming very soon with this diss.

Check out “The Black Slim Shady” below:

Drillmatic: Heart vs Mind marks the 10th album that The Game has released, check it out below:

The Game’s ‘Drillmatic Heart vs Mind’ Has Finally Arrived

Drillmatic Heart vs Mind is finally here! The well awaited album has dropped Friday August 12 as promised and Game has released the first single entitled “The Black Slim Shady”.

The album was originally set to be released on June 17 and then had been pushed back to July 1 and from the July 1st date it had been pushed back to today. Game shared that the date was pushed back due to the fact that he had to have a 7 samples cleared from Jay-Z.

Drillmatic Heart vs Mind contains 31-tracks and contains features from artist such as: Chris Brown, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, NBA Youngboy, Fivio Foreign, YG, Ty Dolla $ign, Jeremih, Roddy Ricch, Pusha T, 2 Chainz, G Herbo, Meek Mill, Moneybagg Yo, Tory Lanez, Blxst, A$AP Rocky, Twista, Blueface, Big Sean, Rick Ross, Chloe, Cassie, French Montana, Dreezy, BOA QG, Ice T, Chiller, Cam’ron and last but not least Nipsey Hussle.

Drillmatic Heart vs Mind is available to stream everywhere. Check it out below!

Big Sean & The Game Team Together To Shoot Music Video For New Coming Single

it appears that rappers Big Sean and The Game are gearing up to release something soon to fans. The two were seen working with Hit-Boy and ThirdEyeRaz shooting a music video to an upcoming single entitled “Stupiid” that will be featured on The Game’s Drillmatic coming in just four short days on August 12.

The two also rocked RAREB1RD jumpsuits that displayed “stupiid moving company” and we can only imagine where the video will go as far as the story it tells.


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The two previously collaborated back in 2012 on Game’s Jesus Piece album for the single “All That (Lady).” 

The Game Announces He’s Taking A Step Back From Things Temporarily To Focus On His Health

Rapper The Game has came on to his Instagram to give his followers some insight of what is currently going on in his life. He revealed that he is experiencing some pain from a bruised tailbone and inflamed muscles from overworking out.

PSA to any & everyone it may concern: 

I’ve always prided myself on my transparency in tow with sharing every part of my life & myself with my family, friends & my fans… the past two weeks have been a nightmare for me. I have witnessed disloyalty on levels unimaginable by people I’ve trusted with my heart, money, career & livelihood. Not only have I been backstabbed & betrayed.. I’ve been left to pick up the pieces alone. 

I’m in no way shape or form angry with anyone for choosing to act in the manner they have as of recent & send love & well wishes from this day forward as there is no hate, malice or vengefulness in my heart. 

On top of that, I’ve been in therapy for 2 weeks for my back for inflamed muscles & a bruised tailbone from over working out. I also had an accident last night n cut my finger to the bone & had to recieve 6 stitches.

It’s been rough.. so I’ve decided to take a step back from my phone, social media & group settings, clubs etc so I can focus on completing my album so that my fans are happy with the delivery. The date is AUGUST 12TH 2022 & I promise you it will not change or move. I’ve given everything that I am to this album & I guarantee GREATNESS.

If any of my family or close friends are looking for me & it’s important… DM @almighty__joey & he will give you my email. I will reply when I can. 

This break is for my MENTAL HEALTH & to afford myself the capacity to complete my album in full & stay committed to my release date.

I thank everyone for supporting my most recent freestyle & all who have supported me throughout my career.

Stay safe, Covid & Monkey Pox free… & just know…Life is short so LOVE on who LOVES YOU !!!

– The Game

The Game Instagram post


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Within that message, as it is said, he is working towards creating a prolific album as Drillmatic will be released come August 12th.

The Game Delivers Fire Freestyle With L.A. Leakers

Compton rapper The Game doesn’t play any games when it comes to his craft as he has just delivered a heavy hitting freestyle with Power 106’s L.A. Leakers amid his Drillmatic album release. Game made sure to deliver his freestyle for a good minute as he made it a point to give props to Kendrick, Ye, and J Cole.

Ain’t no competition, so Kendrick went to Africa / Ain’t no competition Cole went and got his baskets up / But I’m here masking up, with the masking tape, feins knocking on the door, we closed, don’t ask for Ye / You see the Aftermath chains then don’t ask for Dre / I’m a legend now, f— when I pass away,” he spits.

He also spoke on how people are sleeping on him.

Ion like how n—as did Nip, I guess it’s time to show these n—as what it is/ lyrically, miracles, spiritually, here in the flesh / How I’m not top five when n—as appear to be deaf, so I throw up gang signs you understand me now?”

Back in May, he spoke highly of his upcoming album, stating that this will more than likely be one of the best albums of 2022.

“When it drops, I promise you that if you put your ear to it you will then understand why I’m the best rapper alive. My controversy has always stepped on my greatness, but that’s all about to change. This album has a strong hold on being the best album of my career.” he shared in a now deleted video.

The Game & Crista Allen Raise Dating Speculations In New Clip

It looks like actress Christa Allen is having a “hot girl summer” in regards to her latest TikTok. The actress posted a video with the words “When you just broke up BUT” then the video cuts to her with rapper The Game as the two were linked together and shared a quick kis.

Many were questioning the video and wondered if this video was the two making a official public announcement, but as it is and reading between the lines, the video was just harmless fun and was nothing to take serious.

Allen had just gotten out her relationship, meanwhile The Game has been single for a while and not linked with anyone as well.