Ludovica | Talks Music, Being From Italy, & More!

Ludovica is deeply connected to everything street art. It’s no coincidence, she comes from a mother who was an opera singer, who later on became one of the most acclaimed painters! Since a very young age Ludovica has shown support and involvement within the urban community. Records tell us that for a time; the artist did paint and draw in the streets of her hometown in Italy alongside her friends who used to show up with music, breakdance, acrylics and a lot of canvases.

“That was my way of expression before tapping into my musical side” Ludovica says. Ludovica has also experimented in a lot of different instruments while young and has graduated a conservatory for music, vocal arts, acting and entertainment. She has studied the piano, violin, and flute. Not many people know, but in her late childhood early teen this jack of all trades even competed in regional horse back riding tournaments and has danced many dance forms since the age of 4.