Chrisean Rock Gives Updates On Blueface’s Release + Blueface’s Bail Set At $50,000

Just a day later after Blueface has been arrested outside of Lo Lo’s Chicken and Waffles restaurant in Las Vegas for attempted murder, Chrisean Rock, Blueface’s girlfriend has given an update regarding his release and case. Chrisean has came to social media to share that she and Wack 100 are currently working together to get ready for his release.

She didn’t quite say exactly when he will be released but it looks like the two have been working together to ensure they are there to get him when the time comes. She has also called out Blueface’s baby mother, Jaidyn in regards to being there for Blue, to which she provided screenshots of calls from Blue.

After appearing in court before a judge, the rapper has had a bail set for $50,000 and he will be released shortly. The story is currently in development.

Blueface Arrested For Attempted Murder

California rapper Blueface has reportedly been arrested for attempted murder in Las Vegas, Nevada. The rapper had been arrested outside of restaurant Lo Lo’s chicken and waffles where undercover officers were surveilling Blueface.

He is currently facing felony attempted murder with the use of a deadly firearm or tear gas along with being charged for an October 8th incident of him discharging a gun into a house, building, or vehicle.

Chrisean Rock has taken to social media to let everyone know that she is staying by his side and that she will be the one to be there for him during this time.

“Dis was 3 hours before they took u from me Jesus Got us NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST US SHALL PROSPER IM YO ROCK FORever!!!”

The story is currently developing.

Blueface Shares That He & Chrisean Rock Are Trying For A Baby

It looks like all is well once again between rapper Blueface and Chrisean Rock after their explosive argument on Twitter where the two had claimed that they were “done” with each other. Now, 48 hours later, the two were back in good graces with each other and went live to answer a few questions from their fans and supporters.

Within that live session, the two were asked if Blueface was going to ever get a tattoo of Chrisean given the fact that she has many tattoos of his. He replied to the question saying “Sure, someday.” while smiling hard.

When asked if Chrisean will get a baby from him, Chrisean says he’s “trying to do it now,” while he says that he’s “shooting in the gym,” and that he “stays shooting”.

Their show on Zeus network entitled Crazy In Love will be coming out very soon.

Chrisean & Blueface Exchange Words Over Social Media

It’s another day but same old drama between rappers Blueface and partner Chrisean Rock. The two had began to argue over social media after an interview that his children’s mother, Jaidyn had done with Meghan James where she spoke about Chrisean and Blueface’s relationship and things that had happened between them.

This lead to Chrisean responding to the interview and calling Jaidyn out.

This then prompted Blueface to respond back to the tweets and take up for Jaidyn.

After his response, Chrisean had responded back to his tweets and pulled up text messages between the two as she stated that he “picked a side.”

At one point Blueface moved to Instagram to share that Rock’s had agreed to “go with the flow” of his arrangement because it is “beneficial” and posted a clip of her speaking on it. He also says that he’s “having his way” with anyone he wants because he’s young and it’s “her fault” if she sticks around.

As of now, the two have not said anything further to each other and have appeared to not follow one another.

Chrisean Rock Clears Up Physical Altercation

Over the weekend, it appears that Chrisean Rock has reportedly gotten into a situation where it has left her face bruised and bloody. Rock went live where she is seen talking to someone who seems to be Blueface where she is seen with a bloody nose, bruised eye and mouth.

The reported altercation happened in the car where she says she “didn’t do this to herself” and had gotten attacked for texting another guy and wanted to escape the car.

After things taken place, she tweeted:

“The most dangerous anger is built inside someone with a good heart.” the tweet is now deleted.

She has taken to social media to address things where she shows her face clear from any scars and bruises and says that it happened due to her jumping out of a car and her having a mental breakdown due to her drinking Casamigos alcohol.


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Blueface Gets Into Altercation With Chrisean Rock’s Stepdad

Blueface and Chrisean Rock had planned a family get together for both of their families to join and meet, but unfortunately things did not go well. A video surfaced online of Blueface knocking out Chrisean’s stepfather out cold.

There are no current details surrounding what caused them to come to blows, but both Blueface and Chrisean have spoken out about the situation minimally.

Neither have said more on the situation and have since posted of their busy weekend attending New York Fashion Week.

Chrisean Rock In Arizona Police Custody After Beating Blueface’s Face Up

Just days after the incident involving Blueface and Chrisean getting into an altercation over what was contained in Blue’s phone, the couple has once again found themselves in more trouble.

In a video posted by Gossip Of The City, Rock is seen throwing some punches at Blueface as they were at a club Chrisean was hosting, and from details gathered, the two appeared to have been arguing over solely what was in Blue’s phone and his behavior.

It appears things went too far and it resulted in Chrisean Rock being arrested and in Arizona police custody.

Chrisean ultimately had been arrested for criminal trespass and disorderly conduct until police came and arrested her. Blueface himself detailed the situation speaking on it saying

“We ain’t never make the same mistake twice. She hit me this time, security took her, the police took her, what can I do? She hit me with a banger, one Crip, ‘Bam!’ I’m like ‘Ooh’ I ain’t even do nothin’. She’ll be alright. Free Rock.”

As of now, Chrisean is free from custody and posted on Instagram where she posted a video of them where she says she “didn’t mean for the night to go that way” She also shared a story time of what happened between the two.

“He approached me trying to touch my braid and he came out to a city to support me gets this bag that im gonna give to us so its like ‘alright be on your best behavior.'” She further goes on to say that he had been messaging other women and ‘trying her up’ and question what is truly keeping them together and how she appreciated who he was before the bad in their relationship.

“I’m cut from a different cloth, he cut from a different cloth.”

Video Surfaces Of Blueface Ripping Girlfriend ChriseanRock’s Hair Out Amid Argument

It looks like Blueface and ChriseanRock may have gotten into it again over cheating allegations as a video has came out of Blueface pulling out her hair as she snuck off to the bathroom to look into the contents of his phone in the bathroom.

In the video that was posted and deleted by Blueface, he showed how Chrisean’s hair was bald behind her head as the two recalled what transpired.

“Don’t show them my bald spot. Why do you wanna show people what you did to me?” CR asked Blue.

“I didn’t do that to you, you tried to run.”Blueface clarified. “Yeah, cause I had your phone. You didn’t even want me to see what was in your phone.”


Chrisean then prompts him to show viewers the aftermath of the bathroom door. Currently as of now, the two are under investigation for their fight in the streets of Hollywood.

Chrisean, Blueface, & Blueface’s Mom Karlissa Exchange Words On Instagram

It seems as a never ending battle between Blueface, Chrisean and his mother Karlissa. Following the incident where it was seen that Blueface had gifted his children’s mother Jaiden and had stayed at her house for a while Chrisean has implied that he has cheated on her and disrespected her in a series of Instagram stories.

Amid their relationship drama, Blueface posted a message regarding his mother and his mother Karlissa had some words to say to back to her son, which resulted in Chrisean having some words for her as well.

“@bluefasebabyy son you lost your mom the day you let that woman disrespect me and then kick me in my head while you video taped it. You lost everything that day you just haven’t accepted it yet. You’re done ✅you had one job and that was to open the gate for those of us who earned it. You couldn’t even do that . You were never the one! You were only the gate keeper. I’ll take it from here”

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She then posted a 5-minute video where she speaks on Blueface, Jaidyn and Chrisean.

She then took it to her Instagram stories.

Defending Blueface, Chrisean had some words to say regarding his mom and the claims she made.

Aside from that, she went into a series of instagram stories to deal with her hurt of Blueface being at Jaidyn’s home and the issues they are currently going through. “This s— funny, givin’ a b—- a chain. If I take my self out of this situation, I don’t need none of y’all, none of this drama.”

Blueface has not said anything further regarding either of the situations.

Blueface & Chrisean Rock Get Into Altercation In Hollywood

It looks like Blueface and girlfriend Chrisean Rock have found themselves in a rough place again as footage has came out of the two getting into an altercation in Hollywood, California. The two were allegedly arguing speculation of cheating as he claimed he found that she had been in contact with several men.

After the altercation, Blue took to his stories to post the aftermath of everything where he shared the injuries between the two of them. He even pledged to give her $100,000 for her to leave him alone.

“She done hit me in my s——. As you can see she’s fine. What you need to leave me the f—-alone?” he asked Rock.

“F—- it. One hundred thousand. You want to beat me up in public and s—-, so what’s up? What will it take for us to end this nice and pleasant?”

She responded by telling Blueface that she didn’t want his money, meanwhile he called her a “whore with tattoos” sticking with the speculations that Chrisean had been cheating on him. His mother added her commentary on the situation, siding with his son and pointing out the number of Rock’s followers.

Rock ultimately went to Instagram to share that she doesn’t need money to stay away from Blue and that she will be taking a break off of the app following the incident and posted a snippet of the song that she and Blueface were working on.


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