50 Cent To Take MedSpa’s False Advertisement To Trial

It appears that 50 Cent is looking to take the case between him and Perfection Plastic Surgery & MedSpa and Angela Kogan that claimed he had a penis enhancement procedure to trial. The mogul took to his Instagram to share of the news in comedic style.

“yeah my d_ck is a BIG DEAL set for trial in july no enhancement necessary,these fools put them selves out of business. SMH”

The trial will be set for July 3rd, 2023 as 50 cent had previously filed a right-of-publicity lawsuit against Kogan and her company as he stated that they used his photo without his permission which led to “public embarrassment.”

Documents obtained by All Hip Hop has shared what Judge Robert Scola has said regarding the case, stating: “The appearance of counsel and each party or representatives of each party with full authority to enter into a full and complete compromise and settlement is mandatory. If insurance is involved, an adjuster with authority up to the policy limits or the most recent demand, whichever is lower, must attend. All proceedings of the mediation will be confidential and privileged. … If mediation is not conducted, the case may be stricken from the trial calendar, and other sanctions may be imposed.”

50 Cent Gives Takeoff Tribute During Concert

50 Cent has taken the time to give his respects to the late rapper Takeoff  at his latest performance. He had a show in Seinäjoki, Finland Tuesday.

50 Cent had Takeoff’s picture several times on the stage’s screens while the song “Bad and Boujee” played across the speakers in the venue. He posted of the tribute to his Instagram page captioning the photo:

“I paid tribute to Takeoff last night in Finland it was lit 🔥GLG🚦GreenLightGang 🌏tour let’s get it! “

He previously shared some words of advice for Quavo to continue Takeoff’s legacy as 50 did with Pop Smoke and continuing his legacy.


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Marquise Jackson Shares How He’s Blocked From His Father 50 Cent

50 Cent’s oldest son is not done with explaining their dynamic just yet. As of recently, the 26-year-old has made it a point to share that his father has gone the extra mile to avoid having a relationship.

Responding to his father and the minor backlash and confusion, Jackson took to his Instagram to provide some receipts pertaining to the situation in a post and a very detailed message.

“Now y’all all see I tried to reach out to talk to my pops as a MAN in front of the 🌎 & behind the scenes. I have no phone number for you & You’ve had me blocked on social media for years so I can’t DM you personally & everybody that is mutual is scared to touch the topic bc they’re scared of you. This seems to be the only way to reach you. I’m not a kid anymore. No mommy involved. I don’t want nor need money from you. I stand on my own 2,” he shares of not being able to reach out, even though he is blocked.

“I don’t like attention I had so many opportunities to get that and I choose not too. I saw the breakfast club interview and it didn’t sound like much accountability there just ego, blaming and more so about money as if you were the child in the situation. Those text messages was ME I was waiting outside for you that was the day you broke my heart. I forgave you for it. I’m ready when you ready to sit down & talk.” he says.

“I DON’T know that kid his friend asked for a pic he fanned out and held it for years. Look at the tags in the picture everybody but me if that was what I was trying to do I would of posted it myself. The bozo said it himself we DIDN’T and DON’T know each other. Just a goofy clout chasing tryna sell shirts of his alleged dad who he don’t even got a jail visit pics with & hitting up people that know me tryna set up a event for some bread. But y’all think it’s about the attention & money for me right? If I knew who he was I WOULDN’T have done that. I found out the same way the rest of y’all did. Y’all can stop the 🧢 now. I APOLOGIZE to anybody that this photo may have hurt, but I wasn’t aware who he claims to be. I thought it was just a fan asking for a picture. Any other “enemies” you’ve seen me in a pic with I’ve known them to be family damn near my entire life bc of my pops. You only know the Kid Marquise. COME MEET THE MAN.#nowyouknowthetruth #letsbreakthecycle” he says closing his message.

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50 has yet to respond to the message.

50 Cent Speaks On His Relationship With His Son Marquise

50 Cent has decided to add his “cents” regarding his relationship between him and his oldest son, Marquise. The rapper had appeared on The Breakfast Club where he addressed the situation.

When asked about Marquise wanting to have a talk with 50 Cent he said, “No he doesn’t. See Charlamagne, you would call me. You don’t call TMZ to say you want to sit down. Think about it, man. You know, he wants some attention, and it’s okay he can have as much of that as he wants,” he says of the 26-year-old.

He also elaborates further to say that Marquise has been “trained” to believe all that was said in his TMZ interview. Closing out on the topic, 50 is in agreeance with Angela Yee where she likened their father-son relationship to his show, Power.

 “It’s really like him, the kid has been sheltered. If you mailed someone a million dollars, right, and have zero respect for you, how much you think you got to give them before they have a little bit?”

50 Cent & Son Marquise Jackson Continue With The Petty War On Instagram

50 Cent has been silence in regards to responding back to his now 26-year-old son Marquise Jackson’s pleas when it comes to reconciling and mending the relationship between the two, but it appears now he had some words to say, but it has came in his usual petty fashion.

50 came to Instagram to post a video of him living his daily lifestyle, where he is seen in a bathtub switching through channels until he sees a video of his son speaking of the child support that his father owed him from previous years.

“I had to rebuild my life over with 700 a month” Marquise is heard saying.

“F— , this n—- is crazy. You 25-years-old, why you still talking about child support?”

Ironically, 50 Cent had added his iconic song “In Da Club” where it has the infamous lyrics “go shawty, its ya birthday” as Thursday was his oldest son’s birthday.

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Marquise has reacted to the message where he noted that 50 actually “posted him for his birthday” and reposted a few screenshots from the video and included a Power scene.


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Marquise had previously spoke with TMZ where he said he is willing to mend their relationship if it is there.

“I don’t even know if a sit down can actually restore the situation, it’s more so it’s an olive branch. If you up for it, I’m up for it. I’m definitely willing to sit down with him and get his perspective, and gain a little bit of understanding. I mean, like, we’re both men at the end of the day. We should be able to agree and disagree, and not be a problem.”

50 Cent’s First Son Marquise Offers $6,700 For Time With His Father

It appears that 50 Cent’s first born, Marquise Jackson is looking into getting in some time with his father as the 25-year-old took to his Instagram posed as the viral money challenge that his father made while spelling out the word “entitled”.

Marquise more so had a message for naysayers and to people who have seemingly sided with 50 as he said,

“Since y’all think $6,700 is sooo much money someone tell my pops I will pay him $6,700 for just 24hr of his time so we can do everything I ever wanted to do with him as a kid 🚦Red Yellow Green whatever color he like 😭”

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50 Cent had inadvertently responded back to him by posting a scene from his show Power with his character Kanan and his son Shawn enacting a hostile father and son relationship where Kanan ultimately kills his son after a terrible argument. 

“No caption needed” he wrote as he let the video speak for him.


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Daphne Joy Addresses 50 Cent’s Latest Post About Her Dating Diddy

It looks like 50 Cent’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his 10-year-old son Sire Jackson, isn’t here for his latest antics on Instagram. Before he posted to his page, speculation had spread that she had been seeing Diddy based off the instastory she posted of herself supporting him at the iHeart Radio Music Festival and also taking a little get away with him.

50 Cent being the comedian he is decided to comment on the latest speculation on his page.

“oh s—-, that’s your mommy over there with Puffy. LOL😆😆😆 Remember what i told you the other day, these b!tche’s be crazy. SMH” he wrote posting a photo of him and their son.

Daphne responded back to his petty comment and says she felt the need to address him and mention the fact that she wants her personal life private.


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Daphne and 50 Cent had previously dated back in 2011 and welcomed their son September 2012 and split that same year.

Lil Tjay Release ‘Many Men’ Freestyle ‘Faceshot’

Rapper Lil Tjay is literally taking a page out of a book of 50 Cent and has just released a freestyle entitled “Faceshot.” He posted to Instagram a picture of him and 50 where he first teased the “Many Men” freestyle.

On Saturday, the New Jersey native finally released it but not without a mock cover of 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Tryin‘ album cover with his head on 50’s body.

“This what ya wanted lmaoo 😂😂 Guess it’s time to shake sh## up I woke up feeling like @50cent , yk what that means 🤧 after this ima just go mainstream on ya. Fu%k around get my teeth done and sh## 🦷🦷 go get that movie money what ya think 🤔😁 #power? Lol nah lemme 🛑.. many men freestyle out now but I named this one #FACESHOTTTTTTTTTT Cause yk, yeahhh 🤷🏾‍♂️🫢😌😉😉 but spam these comments if ya waiting on some more hot sh## 👀 #trenchkid #bransoncognac #outnow” he writes mocking 50 cent’s usual style of posting on Instagram.


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Check out “Faceshot” below.

50 Cent Sues Medspa for Implying That He Received An Enhancement

Power honcho 50 Cent is suing a Medspa for falsely implying that he had received the service of penis enhancement from them. He had formally filed for a right-of-publicity lawsuit against Angela Kogan who had posted a picture of the two of them on both her personal page and her business page.

With the same picture, she took the photo and used it for promotion, stating that 50 had used their penis enhancement services without his approval. He has spoken on the situation with TMZ stating that he only took the photo with her on the basis of thinking she was just a fan.

As of now, he is currently asking the business to stop promoting the photo and is seeking a undisclosed amount in damages. He also has spoken out about the situation on his Instagram.

“every now and then i get a fool like this, Smh 🤷🏽‍♂️what away to put your self out of business. 👀I’m a need that by Monday” he wrote in the caption.

Lil Kim & 50 Cent Exchange Words As 50 Instigates Nicki Minaj Beef

50 Cent may have been in a mood to start some commotion as he had took to Instagram to speak out after Megan The Stallion and Lil Kim dropped the remix to Meg’s “Plan B”. The song is a dig towards men and in the remix Lil Kim throws shade towards the man she is directing her verse to and it mentions of a son.

“N—-, you’s a b—-, your father’s a b—-, your brother’s a b—- / Keep acting like this and your son gon’ be a b—-“ Kim rapped in the song.

50 being the person he is, took that as a jab to Nicki and took an insulting meme of Kim and wrote the caption.

“QGTM [Queens Get the Money] You better light her ass up, I’m watching. She said something about the baby, her baby eye fucked up. LOL”

Lil Kim responded to him in his stories, where he later took down the post. Lil Kim also notes that she is “one of the most disrespected Legends”

She also has a message for his girlfriend Cuban Link .

Check out the song below: