Kimora Lee Simmons’ Ex Husband Tim Leissner Reveals He Pretended To Be Previous Ex Wife

Tim Leissner has revealed more within the case of fraudulent activities when it comes to his marriages as he has just revealed that he had pretended to be his ex-wife Judy Chan to convince Kimora that the two were divorced.

Leissner confessed the news in court on Tuesday that he created a fake email to communicate with Kimora posing as Chan at the beginning of their relationship.

With the evidence provided in court, it shown that Kimora had invited Judy and kids on family vacations ultimately with “Chan declining”.

It seems that each time that Tim comes to court, there is more revealed, which we would hope there is NOT more to come.

Nicki Minaj Gives Praise To Coi Leray About Being A Trendsetter & Checks The Naysayers

In many of the topics that Joe Budden and Nicki Minaj spoke on, Nicki Minaj talked about Coi Leray and how much of a trendsetter she is.

I didn’t know Coi Leray started the trend with the braids, i didn’t know I think someone told me after that” she specifically recalls “I was on my little hiatus and stuff and I came back and I saw everybody wearing those particular type of braids and I didn’t know Coi let started those braids. “

After people caught wind of this particular comment, people tried to fact check Nicki and say that Coi wasn’t the first one to do it, which she had to get them together and make a note in her stories.

“God pls unleash your ppl from the shackles of not knowing the diff between “Starting a trend” & being the first human being on planet earth to do something ” says the first story

She followed up with saying “Father God, it’s me again. Pls unleash your ppl from the shackles of not knowing the diff between “jumping on a trend” & “featuring on a song”

the last she spoke of it she wrote “Y’all know damn well I’m an island girl & we BEEN wearing them. Y’all know damn well I know African women #BeenDidDah Trends come & go y’all. They get reintroduced to new generations, demographics, etc. y’all pls google what trend means. but we will no longer let the fashion community take from our culture & slap whatever face/ race they WANT on it New #QueenRadio segment coming soon#BlackTrendsetterAward

Tristan Thompson Told Maralee Nichols He Was Engaged To Khloe Kardashian

In more conversations that seemed to be revealed between Tristan Thompson and his third child’s mother, Maralee, it was revealed that Tristan told Maralee that he was engaged to Khloe Kardashian and that the baby conceived was a mistake. In text messages obtained by People,

“I’m engaged but will be married soon. I told you I won’t and cant be in the child life at all by no means… why not wait till [you] find the right person to have a family with.”

the texts continues, “Why would you want a baby with a man that’s engaged. You wanna keep a mistake.”

Another message revealed says that Tristan told Maralee plans of him and his family leaving the country.

“Just a heads up, me and my fiancé gonna announce publicly about out marriage, just a heads up. We probably moving out the country in September and live either in Europe or Caribbean. Better living for us and our family away from the bs of America.”

Previously, there was speculation of Khloe and Tristan being engaged when Khloe was seen out in public with a huge rock on her ring finger, which these texts have seemed to confirm the news.

Tory Lanez Song ’Cap’ Leaked Online With Shots Thrown At Pardi & Megan Thee Stallion

Tory Lanes recent song called “Cap” was recently leaked online along with the lyrics which seemingly were aimed at Pardi and Megan The Stallion, in which he is currently fighting a case against the latter.

Ken just got them two best friends to f—, I said “goals”/ He a bird, he probably in the ex four/ Plus the only party that we know is next door / You know these n—-s talkin’, know these p—- boys a joke / You got a Goyard on your birthday ’cause that n—- broke, uh / Yeah, I’m too rich for boobytrap

He continues in the song:

The casa, the migo, that s— right where I’m at/ He would say somethin’ back, but he need Cardi B for that/ My wrists cost a n—- whole career, n-—/ Eighteen-point-seven in a year, n—-

Check out the song below:

Jussie Smollett Awaiting Sentencing

Jussie Smollett is in seemingly hot water as he currently is awaiting his outcome of the hate crime staging he had done back in 2019. The actor had claimed that two men followed him down the street late at night, yelling slurs while tossing fluids on him and placing a noose around his neck. 

Smollett’s defense team requested to have his conviction thrown out, or declared a mistrial, or a new trail due to a previous Cook County prosecutor’s promise in 2019 to drop his original charges. The request for a new trial was ultimately denied by the judge stating, “The only crime that was at play in this entire scenario was the false police report.”

Currently, Jussie could be facing 1-3 years in jail if the judge does decide jail time and is looking at having to pay fees. His current sentencing is currently taking place live

Nick Cannon’s Talk Show Cancelled After 1 Season

After being on air for nearly 6 months, Nick Cannon’s self titled show has came to an end. According to People, Mort Marcus and Ira Bernstein, who are co-presidents of the show’s producer-distributor confirmed the show’s cancelation .

“It’s never easy to cancel a production with clear potential, but after a great deal of deliberation and examining various options, we have made the difficult business decision to end production on Nick Cannon,” 

“Our thanks go to the very talented Nick Cannon and our wonderful production team, and we wish Nick continued success with his many hit ventures,”

Nick Cannon also addressed the show’s cancellation on today’s show with Angela Yee saying:

“What’s interesting is when we’re dealing with a time this is show business and we know the biggest word in that is business and as a business man I know that as much fun as we have on the show, business is what makes this whole thing tick and operate and honestly I show up each and everyday bright and early to give you a show and I’m a businessman and I understand when there’s a certain forum and certain platforms ” he explains

“This has been a dream come true for me to be able to do this for you each and everyday, but my business mind I want to expand and elevate and broaden my audience and really tap in to my audience in a big way and what this has shown me in the last six months together you guys have become my family .

“I’m here to do what I can and let god do what I can’t so that this isn’t over we still got more shows to go” he says to the audience.

The show is expected to officially end in May.

Nicki Minaj Sits Down With Joe Budden In New Interview

Joe Budden sat down with New York’s finest, Nicki Minaj in his podcast and they two talked about many topics as the rapper was willing to share. In a very transparent moment, she shared what she experienced with her first BET cypher, how she says she was “everyone’s guinea pig” for social media, how she perceived her body earlier in her career, holding film directors accountable and how Lil Kim should’ve been featured on Vogue.

Talking specifically about social media Minaj says “Social media was just beginning when I started, so I was a lot of people’s guinea pig, I was one of the first people to be s—-ed on the internet on social media, like non-f—ing stop everyday I would go on and it was some new made-up story or bad picture or it wasn’t acceptable to have surgery at all.”

She goes further to speak bout that process and how crazy it was “at that time I had never had surgery I had a– shots, which and to this day I realize even when I did and even with me not consulting someone how insane that was like its not like you go to a doctor or professional person its some random person”

She continues, “and actually what happened was I kept being around Wayne and them and at that time you know Wayne they always talk about big booties, and Wayne would have a new chick in the studio every session so it was always a new big booty there.”

“And I wanna make sure I don’t downplay those women because they have a part in the journey of a rapper’s career because when they were out there they would give him that fuel, them smiling, them listening, and see what they were organically smiling to.”

” I was around them all the time so I was like ‘sister’ like the litter sister with Wayne, Mack, J, and Gutta and all I’d hear them talk about is big butts, and I didn’t feel complete or good enough, good as them as the other girls because I’m like ‘omg this is what I’m supposed to look like in the rap culture,’ but they never told me that, but nah wait I’m lying, I think they said stuff jokingly, but to a young girl or an up and coming rapper when it comes from someone like Lil Wayne it matters, even if they’re joking they don’t k that the person that is there is not finding that funny.”

Watch the intriguing interview below.

Chris Brown’s Accuser’s Lawyer Withdraws From Case After Newfound Evidence

With all the drama surrounding the case, it seems that lawyer Ariel Mitchell that was once representing Chris Brown’s accuser is no longer willing to represent her any further due to the new evidence that Chris has presented.

Chris came on to Instagram yesterday to expose the woman for contacting him multiple times with calls and text messages along with voice notes to say she wants to sleep with him again. Due to the fact the woman failed to mention to Mitchell the nature of these texts and voice notes, Mitchell says she is withdrawing from the case.

Despite the found evidence, Miami PD are still investigating the case between the two parties involved.

Director Ryan Coogler Mistaken For Robber At Bank

In recent documents obtained by TMZ, it has been revealed that director Ryan Coogler had been wrongfully detained in Atlanta back in January when going to the bank. Doing business at Bank of America, a bank teller mistakenly thought that Ryan Coogler was attempting a robbery due to the note where he wrote what he was requesting.

“I would like to withdraw $12,000 from my checking account . Please do the money count somewhere else. I’d like to be discreet.” reads the note.

The teller thought suspiciously of the note and called the cops, where Coogler was shortly put in handcuffs by APD along with 2 other people in Coogler’s party being held in a SUV. After investigating the situation, ATL PD determined that it was truly a big mistake on the teller’s end and the bank and apparently when the teller went to facilitate the transaction it tripped an alarm.

Ultimately, this led to Ryan asking for the officers involved badge numbers. Today, he has addressed the situation as he says “This situation should have never happened. However, Bank of America worked with me and addressed it to my satisfaction and we have moved on.” he comments.

Ryan is currently in Atlanta working on the sequel to box office success, Black Panther.

The Game Tweets About Where He Stands With The Music Industry & Eminem

With Eminem recently setting the record for most gold and platinum certified singles in RIAA program history, fans hounded rapper The Game to gloat how that proved Eminem was a better rapper than him. But Game is still standing on his ground firm on his words that he is a greater rapper than Eminem and that’s facts.

He took to twitter to address Eminem fans and everyone how the industry works and why it appears that Eminem is doing better compared to Game, and that he stopped answering to labels and following along of what they asked of him so he didn’t stay a slave.