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Ray J Makes The Claim That Kim, Kris Jenner And Himself Had Made An Agreement To Leak Tape

Ray J is clearing his truth and speaking out about what has transpired from nearly 20 years ago between him and Kim Kardashian. The singer spoke to Dailymail where he says that the the “leak” of him and Kim’s intimate tape was not an accident and was a plan that he, Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian all orchestrated.

This situation is coming to surface as Kim is hashing out drama unfolding on their new Hulu show The Kardashians where it details news of a supposed new tape of Kim and Ray J and Kayne West retrieving those new files.

“I have never leaked a sex tape in my life. It’s always been a deal and a partnership between Kris Jenner and Kim and me and we’ve always been partners since the beginning of this thing,” Ray J told the outlet.

He also feels as though Kim has abused his name and painted a bad picture of him.

“I’ve sat in the shadows for over 14 years allowing the Kardashians to use my name, to abuse my name, make billions of dollars over a decade-and-a-half talking about a topic I’ve never really spoken about.”

He also shares that only one of three tapes were released and out of his control as he never had any copies of it and they were only in Kardashian’s hands.

“She kept them all, she had to go find that tape and then present it. I never had a tape in my possession in our whole relationship. I never had a single one at my house – she had them at her house. She’s always had all the tapes in a Nike shoe box under her bed,” Ray J explains.

“I’m sure she has bigger beds now and better boxes. That’s how it all came about. Once I pitched the idea to her, just playing around a little bit, that’s when she jumped on the idea, talked to her mom and it was out of my hands from there.”

He also addressed the situation of the handoff between him and Kanye that happened.

“‘It wasn’t a sex tape, it was a lot of pictures, a lot of little mini videos and a lot of proof we’ve been talking over the years. If you send me an email in 2008, the computer doesn’t change the date on it. o in 07 it happened [Kim got in contact], Kanye could see we were talking consistently in 07, 08, 09 through her sending me texts and videos and stuff. I was proving to him, I’ve never been the enemy. I’ve never been the person who they say I am. If that was the case, why are you guys trying to brainstorm, come up with ideas with me and make me do what you guys say do.”

Dave Chappelle Attacked During Comedy Set

Comedian Dave Chappelle was attacked and tackled on stage when a person from the crowd jumped on staged and lunged at Chapelle. Chappelle was finishing his show in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Bowl when the 23-year-old man made his move. The man did knock Dave to the floor but he was uninjured from the incident.

Police came to the scene and arrested the man by the name of Isaiah Lee who had also rushed the stage with a gun shaped pocket knife. The suspect, however was seen being carried out onto a stretcher and had a visable bloody nose and some injuries resulting in him being loaded into the ambulance.

The eerie thing about the situation is it seems as Lee may have had a motive to do harm onto Chappelle as he had released a song a few years ago entitled “Dave Chappelle” on SoundCloud.

Drake Responds Back To Troll On Instagram

In funny news, superstar Drake made sure to let everyone know he had time today on Instagram. On a posted related to fathers supporting their sons in basketball, the rapper commented that as a father, any of them would be “elated, competitive, and over supportive” as the post speaks on some fathers being a little too toxic within the sport.

A troll decided to mess with Drake under his comment and teases him to say “ya son prolly play with ghost writers”

Wellll Drake felt petty enough to retaliate by following the man’s wife on Instagram, which he sent to the man in a reply in the comments.

“I just followed your girl cause she’s prob miserable and needs some excitement in her life”

The “troll” by the name of Ceddybo’s wife named Toni confirmed that the rapper did indeed follow her and even went as far as to DM her.

CeddyBo also took to his stories to share the DM that Drake sent his wife

Drake more than likely is sending a message to those who want to play with him; don’t try him or he will come for you.

Post Malone & Longtime Girlfriend Expecting Baby

Congratulations to rapper Post Malone as he tells TMZ that he and his longtime girlfriend are expecting a child soon! Malone and girlfriend had a private baby shower over the weekend in So-Cal with friends and family in attendance.

Malone tells TMZ “I’m excited for this next chapter in my life, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, and for since I could remember I was sad. Time to take care of my body and my family and friends, and spread as much love as we can every day.”

He didn’t give details as to when he and his girlfriend are expecting their baby but, with already having a baby shower we can imagine it should be within the next month- 2 months.

Nene Leaks Files Lawsuit Against Bravo & Andy Cohen

It looks like NeNe Leakes is done with the mistreatment and has taken action against Bravo network, Bravo host Andy Cohen and NBC. She files this lawsuit as she states that she has been blacklisted, silenced and sabotaged.

“ I was constantly being retaliated against, being blacklisted, not able to work, being silenced, and so, you know, it was difficult to do.” Leakes says to TMZ. She also makes sure to blasts this out on her Instagram bio as she writes : “BLACKLISTED TV PERSONALITY & ENTREPRENEUR”

NeNe Leakes also states that she was in talks to acquire a new show on Sirius XM but this seems to have came to a halt as she states in the lawsuit that Andy Cohen interfered:

“Cohen has admitted that he told Sirius XM that Mrs. Leakes would demand a lot of money for any role on a radio show, an obvious effort to prevent her from getting such a deal,” 

As far as the damages she’s seeking to get out of the lawsuit it is unknown at this time.

U.S. Implies Russia Is ‘Wrongfully Detained’ WNBA Player Brittney Griner

Russia still has WNBA player Brittney Griner in their custody and at this rate, the U.S. is declaring that Russia is wrongfully detaining Griner in efforts to bring her home.

“The welfare and safety of U.S. citizens abroad is among the highest priorities of the U.S government. The Department of State has determined that the Russian Federation has wrongfully detained U.S. citizen Brittney Griner,” the State Department said.

As of now, Griner has been in Russia’s custody for 75 days and the U.S. is not waiting any longer to see how the Russian government plays out. The WNBA league for the meantime are honoring her as they will have a BG42 logo displayed on the courts.

Producer DJ Mustard Files For Divorce From Wife Chanel

Producer DJ Mustard has filed for a divorce from his wife Chanel Thierry after 1 and a half years of marriage. The two have been together for over a decade and share three children together. Mustard filed the documents early Monday, citing irreconcilable differences.

Also cited, he states that the time of separation is the same day he filed for the divorce. The two do have a prenup in place as Mustard states in the filing of the prenup. Thierry more than likely will not ask for spousal support as she is the founder of sleepwear brand Sleepova.

We hate to see the two break apart, but we wish them will in this difficult time.

Kardashians Win Against Blac Chyna’s Defamation Lawsuit

It looks like the Kardashian/Jenner family has won against Blac Chyna’s lawsuit in the court case. According to TMZ, the verdict was read today in court where there attorneys all represented their clients as they all prepared for the Met Gala tonight.

It appears that the jury has decided against Blac Chyna and the lawsuit will have no further choice but to be dropped. The case has been a span of 5 years as she had originally filed all the way back in 2017 for $100 million dollars.

The Kardashians have prove in court their reasoning why the Rob & Chyna show should’ve been cancelled and cleared their name as to any slandering and defamation of Chyna.

Rod Wave Arrested For Felony Battery

Rapper Rod Wave has been arrested in Saint Petersburg, Florida for battery by strangulation.

He was arrested and booked early this morning and there is no further information. Rod is still in the custody of the St. Petersburg Police. as far as the circumstance of the situation entirely has yet to be released as well.

He did however, post on Instagram that he had an incident with the police .

Amber Heard To Appear In ‘Aquaman 2’ For Under 10 Minutes

With the ongoing trial between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard, many supporters of Johnny has wanted her removed from her upcoming film, Aquaman 2.

There is no clear word on how significant Amber Heard was to appear in the sequel but for the actress to appear in the film for less than 10 minutes despite her character being Aquaman’s love interest is definitely worth noting. It is also worth noting that her costar Jason Momoa is supporting Johnny Depp and distancing himself away from her as far as press events for the movie.

The film finished production in January, with director James Wan m a congratulatory post with Jason Momoa and Patrick Wilson minus Amber Heard.