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Trey Songz Accused Of Assaulting Woman In NYC

Trey Songz has once again been accused of having assaulted a woman in New York City who claims that he had punched her at a bowling alley. According to TMZ, the woman who had allegedly been attacked filed a complaint to the police where she says the incident took place in the bathroom where he had punched her multiple times and dragged her by her hair.

The accuser had been taken to a hospital where she was treated for minor injuries. His attorney Mitchell Schuster states that the singer is not guilty and told TMZ that he will be exonerated.

“A source close to the investigation informs us that TS has been cooperative with authorities and expects that when all the evidence is reviewed, he will be exonerated. This is another instance where those involved try to blame the celebrity with hopes of getting fame or riches.”

Just last month, Trey Songz was able to beat his 2021 case due to statute of limitations in California expiring as the incident allegedly happened in 2016 and the woman filed in 2021.

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