Jucee Froot & T.I. Releases New Track ‘Step

Artist Jucee Froot and T.I. have came together to release a new track titled “Step.” Memphis rapper Jucee Froot has teamed with Tip to create the song embodying a hard mix of calling out the haters and flexing on em while being able to hit a 2-step to the song.

In the song, T.I. disses Charleston White, who currently has an ongoing beef with the King of The South and his son King. He called White out in the song where he says:

“Boy, I will drop you from a place so far from grace / White folks will doubt you / Hey what a day / My son respond to what a f— n—- say / I end up on the internet, going back and forth with a jay.”

Jucee Froot is known as her work for creating the theme song for the popular show P-Valley and had previously released “Get Off Freestyle” this year.

As of now, T.I. is a very booked man as he currently is set to perform for Wednesday night’s Hawks game alongside son, Domani as the two have collaborated on a song together entitled “Family Connect.” T.I. is also starring in an upcoming film titled, Fear that will feature Joseph Sikora and Terrance J.

Check out “Step” below.

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