Shanquella Robinson Funeral Held In North Carolina

Shanquilla Robinson, who was tragically killed during a vacation in Cabo with her group of friends has been laid to rest today in North Carolina. The CEO’s case has caught the attention of social media users as the story of her death led to many questions and concerns.

It had been initially reported from members on the trip that Robinson had suffered from alcohol poisoning, but her autopsy had revealed that she had passed away from a broken neck. A video of a fight that broke out between her and another woman on the trip had surfaced as it showed Robinson not returning any hits that were given to her.

For Shanquilla’s funeral service, the 25-year-old had been beautifully laid to rest as hundreds came to send their condolences and pay their respects as her colorful casket had been drawn around by a horse carriage. Basketball star, Kyrie Irving has also donated to the family’s GoFundMe account to help with legal fees and the burial process for Robinson.

The FBI have now been involved in the investigation regarding her death and has begun their process.

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