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Natalia Bryant Files Restraining Order On Armed Stalker

Natalia Bryant, who is the daughter of late basketball star, Kobe Bryant has reportedly filed for a restraining order against a 32-year-old stalker who is said to be armed. According to TMZ, the 19-year-old has filed for the temporary restraining order due to the stalker by the name of Dwayne Kemp, stalking her for the last two years as he has appeared at her sorority house, classes at USC, and has received countless of DM’s from him.

He has also photos documented of him buying an AK-47 and automatic Glock and has said alarming messages to Bryant such as “Thankful For Him Birthing You, Hopefully We Can Birth Him… ‘Kobe'” with the hopes of making a “Kobe-like child.”

The documents further point out that Bryant is in constant fear of her safety and is asking for the court for her TRO to be granted and for the man to be ordered to 200 yards away from her at the least in her personal vicinity.

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