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Chris Brown Clarifies ‘Under The Influence’ Lyrics

Chris Brown’s song “Under The Influence” has recirculated back onto radio charts and radio stations and has became a big hit once again after dancer Jordan Laza had done a routine by Nicole Kirkland and invited him to sit in for the now viral dance in 2021 and the success it has had on Tik Tok.

Many fans had posted the song and were confused whether the lyrics were “body language” or if it were “body lightweight” and also were confused if the opening lyrics were “f—ing, rubbing, touching” or “f—ing Robitussin”. Chris has came to his IG to clarify what the lyrics truly are on his stories.

“They been messing up lyrics lately on these music platforms … YALL BEEN HAVING A FIELD DAY WITH THE UNDER THE INFLUENCE … ITS : fu**ing ROBITUSSIN And it’s YOUR BODY LIGHTWEIGHT SPEAKS TO ME 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Chris recently released the video to “Under The Influence” last month, and the song has recently entered the top 5 spot for the US Rhythmic radio charts.

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