New Details Submerge About PnB Rock’s Death

According to Fox 11, new details have submerged behind the fatal shooting of Philly rapper PnB’s death at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles September 13. Authories are reportedly seeking for a fourth suspect after arresting a 17-year-old boy, 32-year-old Shauntel Trone, and Freddie Trone.

A man stated that a mystery man had saw PnB Rock and his girlfriend Stephanie arrive at the restaurant wearing expensive pieces to which he waited for Freddie Lee Trone’s arrival. It is also stated that the two men reportedly had a conversation before Trone left and returned to the restaurant with his son who prosecutors said was armed with a gun.

Trone had then dropped off his son near the restaurant where the 17-year-old entered the restaurant going to Rock and Stephanie’s table where he aimed the gun at the two shouting “Give me all of your jewelry now!” After this was heard is when the rapper was shot in the chest and twice in the back while the suspect removed his jewelry.

The suspect then shouted for Stephanie to give them her jewelry and threatens to shoot, and upon given, they fled away. Freddie Trone has been officially charged with one count of murder and conspiracy to commit robbery and two counts of second-degree robbery and the minor has been charged with one count of murder and conspiracy to commit robbery while he faces two counts of second-degree robbery due to the fact he was on probation with an ankle monitor.

The hearing is set for October 19th.

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