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Tyrese Calls Out Ex-Wife Samantha Lee On Social Media

Tyrese is fed up with his ex wife Samantha Lee and jumped on Instagram live to share his truth of what has transpired in his marriage and end of their marriage. He specifically jumped on live to debunk all the claims that Samantha had stated such as accusing the actor of cheating on her with current girlfriend Zellie Thomas though the live wasn’t saved.

Samantha Lee’s Miracle Monday segment touched on being angry with someone and filing for divorce, which she spoke of resonating with and speaks on making those decision with clarity.


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He also spoke on it in a separate post that is 1-hour long.


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“Man Zellie swooped in? She never asked to be here. My name is Tyrese Gibson, I married Samantha Gibson and had a child called Soraya Gibson. She ain’t no side chick, she ain’t no mistress, she ain’t no rebound…Zellie was actually living her best life. I’m a whole married man, with a married woman with a child, but you out here handing out miracles on Monday right?”

“You gone hand out a miracle, tell the truth you left me, you took our innocent child. You lied, under penalty of perjury. You’re a liar. There’s no surprise here.”

“You make $160,000 a year, your regular job along with all that you been doing and selling n—as meal plans, fitness plans doing all this s— on social media, and guess what I’m proud of you because my daughter is not struggling. I never wanted you to leave me, and I definitely didn’t want you to leave me to go live in the f—ing projects at the bottom.”

“She’s a license clinical social worker, she makes $100,000 a year and another $60,000 a year with all that she’s doing on social media, which means pertaining to a 3-year-old child Soraya and the needs of Soraya are fully met. “

“You hurting? You can’t be hurting you spending $15,000 a month.”

The two had been married in 2017 and welcomed their daughter in 2018. The had been married for 3 years until splitting in December 2020.

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