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The Game Shares Why He Really Called Out Eminem On ‘The Black Slim Shady’

In an interview on the Rap Radar podcast, The Game has finally addressed his diss track aimed at Eminem entitled “The Black Slim Shady.” He states his main reasoning for the diss was due to the fact he wanted to come for Eminem because no one really does it.

“Just because nobody really does, number one. Number two, I pissed off a lot of people with that song, you know Em got a lot of stans. But as far as it being personal, it’s not personal.”

He shares the first time he heard Eminem’s “My Name Is.” record and how he was impacted by it.

 “I remember the first time that ‘My Name Is’ came out. I was, like, whoa-ed by it. I felt the same feeling when I heard that, that I felt when I heard ‘Juicy’ from B.I.G. the first time. … I always f—ed with Em,” he said recalling those moments.

During the interview, he also details the beef between him and 50 Cent where he says that Dre chose a side and went with 50 Cent, specifically regarding the Super Bowl Halftime Show, and how it led to him choosing to mess with Dr. Dre by means of him taking shots at Eminem.

 “I think me and 50’s fallout made him choose a side and he wasn’t doing the s— that I did. He was like, ‘I’m going with 50. F— you n—-s.’ but I just felt like I had some emotions, a little bit, about Super Bowl s— and all of that. And that’s Dre’s boy, and Dre don’t rap. So it’s like, if I wanna have a conversation with Dre or I’m mad at Dre, let me poke shots at Eminem. And 50 can’t out-rap me, he’s doing his TV thing and more power to him, the shows are great. But as far as rap s—, I got that locked, so the only person I could rap with, or try to poke the bear and see if he really want to go there, is Em.”

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