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Surveillance Cameras Show Chaka Zulu Acting Out Of Self Defense

In new footage that has came out via surveillance cameras near the Buckhead plaza that Chaka Zulu had been at during the time of a shooting and fight, it appears that Chaka Zulu has been acting out of self defense. TMZ had obtained the footage of the June incident where it is seen that several men including Artez Benton attacking Zulu.

His lawyers have strongly argued that he is a victim and had been defending himself when he shot Benton. They also state that he was attacked by a group of men that were upset that they could not get VIP parking and a table at in the restaurant.

“Why this escalated to the point that it did, was that part of the story yes. Is it all of the story? I don’t believe so. It’s their job to investigate. He don’t have to do a damn thing. So he has been charged with murder wrongfully.” Attorney Gabe Banks stated in the news conference.

As of now, there has yet been a decision regarding what will happen with Zulu.

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