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Nicki Minaj Sues Blogger For Defamation

Nicki Minaj has formally filed a lawsuit against a blogger who has called her a “cokehead” who was “shoving all this cocaine up her nose.” According to documents obtained by TMZ, she is suing for defamation for the video where blogger Nosey Heaux, born Marley Green had said those things about her.

The documents state that the video received over 260 retweets and nearly 2,000 likes along with “vile comments” about Minaj’s son. The lawsuit states that Green’s actions stems from a rival of Minaj and were done with intentions of “advancing her career.”

Nicki had forewarned of the pending lawsuit on her twitter when she tweeted on Monday of her lawyer Judd working hard.

She also noted Wednesday that this will be an example to anyone who tries to defame her.

Nicki is currently being represented by Judd Burstein and is seeking $75,000 in damages.

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