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Khloe Kardashian Shares First Glimpse Of Baby Boy In Season 2 Premiere of ‘The Kardashians’

For the premiere of season 2 for The Kardashians on Hulu, Khloe Kardashian has shared the precious moment of her new baby boy’s birth and also gotten candid on the drama behind the process. Both she and Tristan welcomed baby number 2 via surrogate, and this came at a shock as the world had found out that Tristan had been unfaithful yet again and created a child out of the affair.

In a confessional, Khloe shared of how happy she was but how she has felt since finding out the news from December.

“I am so grateful. It’s such a beautiful gift that we’re able to have.” she expressed.

She continues: “Ever since December, it’s been this dark cloud looming over me. Every single day, I’ve been feeling depressed and sad, and now that my son is here, I get to move on, and I get to enjoy. It’s almost like I get to close that chapter and be done with this trauma and put it behind me.”

“Now I finally get to start the healing process. Now I get to start enjoying my life with two kids in it and figuring this out. This is gonna be day one, and this is gonna be the start of something positive, and happy and beautiful.”

Even though Tristan and Khloe were in a bad place with each other, Khloe still allowed him to come to the hospital and spend time with their new baby though she had heavily debated on letting him. In the confessional, she reveals that Tristan had knew prior that he had gotten Maralee Nichols pregnant and knew as they were going through the process of surrogacy.

As for now, the parents are keeping their baby boy’s name private, but says that his name will begin with the letter ‘T’ like his big sister True.

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