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Durk Confirms The Breakup News With A Message To India

It looks like Lil Durk has confirmed the news of the two of them no longer being together when he posted to his Insta stories with a message to India Royale. After India tweeted days ago that she was a “free agent” it left many confused by what she meant by that.

He wrote in the story “That [cat heart eye emoji] mines 4ever welcome to death row b*%ch”

India had responded back to his message in her stories where she simply posts a “cap” emoji keeping everything short and simple.

After that nothing more was said on his or her end in detail of the breakup or what might have caused it but there has been some speculation that Lil Durk had possibly cheated on her. The two had gotten engaged in December of 2021 and had already began planning their wedding.

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