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DJ Akademiks Clarifies Statements About Reginae Carter

Having previously said some controversial things on the internet, DJ Akademiks has came onto The Breakfast Club to redact his statements and to share what he meant by them. Speaking with the trio, he talks about what he meant regarding his latest comments.

He had caught some heat regarding speaking on Reginae Carter where he slipped up and nearly called her a b—- and made comments regarding her new relationship with singer Ar’mon Warren. He admits he was wrong and more so used her as an example regarding a particular type of relationship.

“I did a tone check before because I knew it was gonna get lost somewhere. But I have to say this is a newer medium where people are learning about livestream. A livestream discussing hip hop topics and I’m drinking and also I’m trying to entertain people. If it’s clipped I’m either super hilarious or its ‘damn he’s super disrespectful.” he says about streaming.

“So I didn’t necessarily refer to her as a b—-. I was speaking about a public relationship that has been posted on Shade Room and everywhere else. And that’s another thing, everyone was saying ‘Yo Ak why you comment on these things?’ We’re in an age that people are monetizing their relationship.” he says

“Now granted there’s sensitive areas there and that’s where I wanted to make sure when I addressed it my tone was right. Number one she’s a black woman, Toya and Reginae, I was extrapolating from comments directly on that relationship to make a bigger point. I was really cracking jokes, I even said it on the way. I used the word ‘I know a lot of b-words’ and that I shouldn’t say, I should say a lot of women who would do the same thing.”

Akademiks also gives an update to share that he and T.I. had a “constructive conversation” today and Tip had exchanged knowledge with him.

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