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DaniLeigh Addresses Backlash Of Having B Simone Removed From ‘Wild n Out’ Episode Taping

Hopping on Instagram Live , DaniLeigh has addressed some speculation and rumors that she had comedian B. Simone removed from her episode taping of Wild ‘N Out.

“It was never a demand. I don’t know why the blogs are putting out that I demanded B. Simone not to be on Wild ‘N Out. That wasn’t the case. Wild ‘N Out asked me, I love Wild ‘N Out shows, I’ve always supported Nick, I always supported the comedians on the show.”

She continues to say, “Me and B. Simone are not cool. So, I just—my team asked if she doesn’t do the episode that I do, respectfully. It was never anything to be like, ‘I’m a diva, I don’t want’—I thought it’d be more mature to not have us sitting next to each other on a show, making it mad awkward and uncomfortable. I’m protecting my peace. I’m protecting my heart on the situation. It wasn’t petty. She was actually there, so I’m sure she got paid. It wasn’t to take nobody from nobody’s pocket.”

She also went further to state that B Simone had made a “whole diss song” about her and that she saw “text messages between” B and DaBaby, but didn’t divulge in what was said or the basis of the text. Just on Wednesday, B Simone appeared on the Tamron Hall Show where she did confirm that she was asked not to take part of the episode that Dani would be in.


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“I don’t agree with it, but I understand it. Especially, you know she’s not that mature. We’re just going to have grace for her moving forward,” B said on the show.

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