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50 Cent Sues Medspa for Implying That He Received An Enhancement

Power honcho 50 Cent is suing a Medspa for falsely implying that he had received the service of penis enhancement from them. He had formally filed for a right-of-publicity lawsuit against Angela Kogan who had posted a picture of the two of them on both her personal page and her business page.

With the same picture, she took the photo and used it for promotion, stating that 50 had used their penis enhancement services without his approval. He has spoken on the situation with TMZ stating that he only took the photo with her on the basis of thinking she was just a fan.

As of now, he is currently asking the business to stop promoting the photo and is seeking a undisclosed amount in damages. He also has spoken out about the situation on his Instagram.

“every now and then i get a fool like this, Smh 🤷🏽‍♂️what away to put your self out of business. 👀I’m a need that by Monday” he wrote in the caption.

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