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Chicago Cameraman Known As 16shotemvisuals Caught A Case For Messing With A 13 Year Old Girl!

Raheem Mccaskill a.k.a. 16Shotemvisuals, has recently been a trending topic of discussion online due to his online altercation with Ninaboy, Polo G, & Bandman Kevo. 16Shotemvisuals has apparently been beefing with multiple online icons to no avail, causing Ninaboy to resurface his sexual molestation case and arrest.

Mccaskill whose originally from Maywood, IL, was 18 years old at the time of arrest, while the victim only 13. During the time of the offense Raheem was sentenced back in 2013 and later released. The uncovering of the news is in conjuction to the comments 16shotemvisuals made about Ninaboy, in what started as a conversation between the two in personal messages and has now gone public!

Ninaboy speaks on Bandman Kevo having nothing to do with the drama surrounding his conversation with 16shotemvisuals.

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