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Jamie Foxx Spotted With A New Woman

It looks like Jamie Foxx has a new lady in his life. The singer/actor was spotted with a woman on a boat.

On a recent vacation in the South of France, Foxx was spotted cuddling up to a blonde woman on a yacht. The two were seen kissing each other while at the yacht’s pool and the woman clung on to the actor tight while they rode on the jet ski.

Jamie hasn’t been seen with a woman since his previous relationship with actress Katie Holmes, whom he dated for a few years. Right now, he’s currently visiting South of France for the Cannes Film Festival but surely is enjoying his time out in the country.

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  1. To be totally honest with y’all. jamie foxx is currently in a five years relationship with a black woman whom
    He is engaged to currently…jamie is in France cheating on his black fiancée at the moment. Technically Jamie Foxx left katie Holmes for a black woman he met and fell in love with her that he proposed to her in 2018. Katie Holmes knew he was engaged to a black woman. I witnessed them arguing over it. Because Katie wanted to attend the wedding. Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes was a business arranged relationship to boost her career having her name attach to his. Why Jamie claim he was single in 2019 from Katie to break that attachment because he was secretly engaged. Met gala was a coincidence because he wore that same outfit at the designer fashion show the day before met gala he wasn’t matching Katie at all it was day two he wore the same outfit to be honest. jamie foxx spend most of met gala on his cell arguing with his fiancé about him on the bus to the met gala which he always spent all of bus ride on his cell talking to his fiancée whom is a black woman.

    Jamie kept up with his shenanigans of what y’all know his as for face outside of that he had been involved with his fiancé who his address as his wife. His family and close friends all knows about him getting married even his baby momma. His black fiancé has a close relationship with his mother as well. All these yt women are nothing to jamie he purposely told us he start these rumors because yt women ask him to boost them to be seen with him as someone. Why you see a yt girl be public with him and then after a week or so you don’t see or hear about that yt girl again.

    Because jamie foxx prefers private things even most his relationship. When someone is public with him he drops them so after. As far as this yt chick she is only 22 yrs old with daddy issues. Jamie Foxx has a huge problem messing with lots of white girls under Corinne age. Mind you corinne is 28 years. Jamie cheats on his fiancé even with when his deal with Katie those girls are 18 to like 24 years old. He is grooming these girls and paying them for sex and showing them a good time by his luxury perks. He is no different than rkelly. People around him don’t like his choices or what he do but he has to where no one can’t tell him nothing they want to stick Around they do what he says. He is very bossy and controlling and he threatens his fiancé when she tries to leave him because he never condones his terrible behavior. Jamie foxx indulges heavy in drinking and bsb is his cover up to his habit. And he does drugs why he striving his best to stay young. Jamie Foxx isn’t well he is a horrible person. But the young white girl he parading around she been begging jamie to be places with him and she is very aware of his “wife” who is black woman because they have talked many times and well not talk but his fiancé has been cursing yt girl out even during this France trip. And his fiancé got her contact from Jamie himself. Jamie foxx been talking to his black fiancé the entire trip and he denied yt girl was there when one of jamie foxx boys sent his fiancé video and pics of her being there with him.

    Other side chicks who are yt even knows about his fiancé and have spoken to her because they found out her info from his circle of friends. Jamie Foxx recently was outed over ig from a page a side chick posting the encounters. Jamie Foxx does things as a distraction but jamie and his fiancé are tied into lots of business as partners jamie foxx been with his black fiancé/wife for five years now.

    That is why Jamie Foxx doesn’t do certain things on his page now. See no one pays much attention to him why he gotten away with things. Y’all only notice Jamie with yt chicks when he been around black ones and fiancée. But Jamie Foxx is a serial cheater and a huge liar. If his fiancé ever talk she would have a load of things to say about Jamie Foxx even about the era of Katie Holmes that will fill all the gaps about Jamie up his fiancé knows his entire life and secrets and even the darker ones. If his black fiancé ever writes a tell all book about Jamie Foxx it would be juicy (piping tea).

    Jamie Foxx has a lot of people around him and cool with his boys he known for years. But he shared many times he doesn’t trust no one in his circle and that he has a lot of snakes in it. He said his ppl are using him and he was forced to keep his relationship and love for his black fiancée a secret. Yall know hollywood is weird af. They have some deep dark stuff going on. And his black fiancé is sick and tired of his career mess and the fake narrative with yt chicks he has to keep up with. All it has done was ruin his real love with the black woman he’s been engaged too. It’s sad the things they been thru and going thru. And technically he has put a black woman down the one he has been engaged too.

    Jamie drinks heavily to keep up with the illusion he suppose to created for everyone to see. When he secretly fighting his love (black fiancé) not to leave him. I witness all this happening because I know him personally and I know his black fiancé who I think is an amazing person. Ppl that know him knows of her and it’s more of if you know then you know and leave it there. Because Jamie foxx don’t let anyone come for his fiancée no matter what.

    Yt media have out Jamie foxx in the past about being married but no one paid attention. And jamie book was a joke. He literally told y’all everything in his book at his many interviews he done over the years. He took those same responses from interviews and the same stories he told y’all but said in different ways to act like it’s a new one he put them in the book. He left out how he truly met his bms tho. That would have thrown y’all left and y’all understand why he never claimed them or took them serious like that. Lol but he made that book way before he met his fiancé. He always believed in marriages and he was actually already engaged during his book thing. Which his fiancé got on him talking badly about marriages when he is actually engaged. She didn’t like how he was lying to the ppl about that. He almost lost her for that mess. His bm told his fiancé about his cheating mess. Lol bm snitched on him.

    The show dad stop embarrassing me cancelled because jamie foxx fiancé told him he wasn’t funny and it was terrible move. The next meeting he cancel the show himself. Jamie foxx done certain things because his fiancé had a hand in it. Iyktyk but let’s be real jamie foxx has no taste in these yt women these women asks him to be attach for a fame boost he accessible to everyone which is his downfall. Go back to every yt who made news front with jamie foxx they get rumor blast for being a mystery chick for a week or so then they disappear 🫥 you see nothing of them anyone. Jamie don’t like privacy invaded and if you want fame he gives it to you then he cut ties. Happen to every chick he been rumored with. Pay attention. His own fiancé out him but because she’s black she wasn’t news to talk about. If Jamie seen with yt girls it’s news. Pay attention. His fiancé never been hidden she’s been in plain sight.

    Jamie is heavy in his fiancé family he gotten his mother in law a house and his fiancé has gotten a lot of property as gifts from jamie foxx. If jamie foxx trust anyone it’s her. This is hot mess news right here and just another clout chasing thot who knew about jamie being engaged. Jamie foxx lifestyle at his age is a hot mess. That house is a revolving door everyone comes and goes and lets anyone stay there. Most times he hates being there why he stays on the move. His fiancé refuses to live in that house in H.V why he brought her another home where it is only for them only and no one comes and goes there. His black fiancé is a business shaker herself she is on the go herself. Jamie foxx only privacy is when he is with her only.

    But Jamie flaw clause with hollywood will hurt him when he loses his fiancé and lose on the business partnerships they had together. I tried tell jamie foxx to stop his shenanigans with trying to keep a Façade with the world. But what you as old as him it’s a lost cause. The world would have loved his black fiancé she is smart, beautiful i mean naturally gorgeous, and they were a power couple privately. Jamie said he even has a son with his black fiancé too forgot the boys name. Privately jamie foxx had the life he always wanted and but business wise they didn’t want him doing the black love movement feeling he lose certain audiences which I told him he would gain more black audiences and supporters especially if it’s black love since black excellence is a thing now and black power couples are goals.

    The side jamie foxx hides would made him so much better as an entertainer. But what they pushing him to be seen with and do is losing him and showing he has no growth so him giving life advices and on relationship he has no place when he can’t step up for what he is hiding from everyone. As a friend of his i am sicken with it and it’s not right how he self sabotaging his fiancé and their relationship. When y’all busy posting about him and this girl he was on his cell begging his fiancé to not leave. Being curse by his mother and his mother in law for his choices. He stays drinking in order to keep up with this act. It’s a mess. Even up to now he called his fiancé grandmother telling her he knows what he doing and it’s rumors and it is nothing like that. When he comes home he will show fiancé.

    Anyways Jamie foxx lost alot of friends due to his choice he has made with the fiancé thing and how he choose to save face with ppl that do not mattered. No one around Jamie foxx knows him like that. He shows them what he want them to see and tells them what he wants them to know. His actual life is sad af and if you knew the truth Jamie Foxx would be another canceled person. Anyways that is the whole truth and there are pages online of jamie foxx conversations with her and even with Katie holmes he was arguing and cursing her out about his fiancé and how katie tried ruining his relationship by trying to be seen publicly with him she set up paps to take pics of them and jamie foxx wasn’t aware. And Katie isn’t this sweet person you think she is. Girl is crazy. There are so many words from jamie foxx himself saying alot about everything you can possibly think of he was comfortable with his fiancé to share everything with her and he knew she posted them and out him to some media outlets. He never cared he never cared what she done to him he loved her no matter what and wasn’t going to let her go.

    And even tho she (jfoxx fiancé) wants to cut ties with him now he still isn’t trying to let her go. Don’t let this little yt stunt fool you. Yes at this point he is cheating and y’all blast him for it. But clause wise he broke that with his fiancé therefore paying up majorly. Want to know see or know more hit me I have it and it’s truth and from jamie foxx directly. I don’t condone coward things and he is wrong and as a friend and colleague tired of the lies he keeps up. The news you put out about jamie foxx love life is so gapped and and space you don’t even know and it’s because the black fiancé was that filler but he chose to let y’all think what y’all want and sela was never dating him but he only spoke up about her because his black fiancé made him because she said he would look bad since that girl was only 18 years old when he met her summer 2019.

    Jamie is never known to speak on his dating life and he would never speak on someone he truly loves like his fiancé he didn’t want her privacy invaded. But the fact he had to keep up with crazy click baiting things is ridiculous and out of hand and he knows it’s ruining his whole personal life he knows it’s time things will hit the surface. I am sure y’all want to know what’s really going on even emails he sent to women on his fiancé. I have it all if you want to know the truth on jamie foxx

    Forget a rumor or allegedly bit post the truth and since you didn’t know I am someone close to jfoxx that knows the whole truth about him these years long charade he keep you the media. Post the truth he is a serial cheater and constantly lies to everyone even family.

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