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The Game Speaks Up For Kanye West On Social Media

If it’s anyone that has each other in their corners it’s definitely Kanye West and The Game. Kanye West has been suspended on Instagram for 24 hours which many had spoken against it and now it looks like he will not be set to perform for this year’s Grammys

The Game took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the matter and how he feels that the industry is silencing black celebrities and influencers.

“Time & time again they show us that they only want to STEAL the culture, not allow you to ever be their equals. In a more than obvious move for reasons of minuscule actions…. The Grammys have at the last minute decided to pull @kanyewest from performing on the show as if we didn’t know it was coming. Could be because @trevornoah is hosting and there was a conversation held amongst his team & the academy that led to the decision or because Ye’s account was suspended just days ago for reasons unknown especially in a world where all the negativities of the world can be found on the same app with no repercussions or suspensions” he begins in his caption

“We’ll just say it’s all of the above & a continuous disrespect for us & all that we have brought to the table in entertainment, media & sports over the last 100 years especially. Speak your mind in this country for yourself, family or your people & you’re ostracized immediately & if you push them hard enough they will stop at no ends to try and put an end to you as a whole…. I for one, have never been scared to speak my mind even understanding what the consequences may be. I can’t sleep at night knowing I was quiet about issues burning holes in my heart or narratives incorrectly pushed by the mass agenda to create a mind set that the person at hand is krazy or has issues internally that are beyond repair. I say all this to say, I’M WOKE….. & while I am.. lemme remind you that Colin Kapernick still isn’t allowed in the NFL, lynching just became a federal hate crime in 2022 & you can now not be discriminated from employment because of the way you decide to wear your hair…. GEEZ thank you massa for allowing us to slowly progress as a race 100 years at a time after all that was STOLEN from us. I’m sure I’ll be the next account suspended for speaking freely on an app created for us to equally share as humans lol. Hella s– be a joke everywhere you turn these days… but let’s keep playing their game until one day somebody WAKES us ALL the f%#! up !!! #Numinati  #MyLifeWasNeverEAZY”

He made his point and feels as though the world has been slow to progression when it comes to black people, which leads us to ask; do you feel he spoke the truth on what’s going on in the world today, or differently?

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