Netflix Releases New Trailer For ‘Raising Dion’ Season 2

'Raising Dion' returns Tuesday, February 1, 2022!

It’s been two years since the first seasons of Netflix’s original series, Raising Dion had been released, which left viewers looking forward to another season. The show gotten a confirmation of a renewal for season 2 early 2020 for eight episodes.

Production began for the second season in 2021 and has added actors Rome Flynn, Tracey Bonner, Aubriana Davis, Josh Ventura and Michael Anthony.

Last season, the finale left off with a bang where many truths were revealed. This season, fans are expected to explore new horizons with the expansion of Dion’s new powers, new enemies and new allied heroes.

Tune in Tuesday February 1, 2022 to see what’s in store for the series and check out the action packed trailer below!

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