SOM Talk Live Ep. 17 J’Lyn Furby | Talks SoopaFitt, American Kinetics LLC, & The Music Business!

American Kinetics LLC is a full service Minority Female, Veteran owned, Marketing, Media and Public Relations shop able to provide you with all the tools to meet and exceed your public relations, entertainment and media/marketing expectations. Our designed approaches are strategic and very specific, targeted and tangible. We believe that public relations and marketing are pointless unless they’re geared toward helping you develop your business, your brand, make you money and attract the right people. We provide a detailed approach to meet the need of each specific client. Often research is a must in order to chart an effective path against a competitor or narrow down to a truly effective approach and message.

Rest assured, that our approach in media, marketing, entertainment and public relations is detailed in the art and science of marketing and media/public relations. Approaching our strategies with holistic efforts, our capabilities run wide and deep. We know how to create dynamic and multi-disciplined campaigns that hit their targets and get you moving in the right direction.


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